Current openings

Research Software Engineer

Vidrovr Inc. seeks Research Software Engineer in New York, New York. S/he will take part in building a unified framework for processing and combining multimodal sources of information for video understanding. This framework will be built using python, numpy, scipy, tensorflow, opencv and other scientific python libraries. Some portions of the pipeline may be written in C++ (if deemed necessary). In addition, s/he will develop various forms of deep learning models implemented in Tensorflow for video classification, leveraging recurrent neural networks (RNNs) such as LSTM/GRU, memory nets like differentiable neural turing machines, hierarchical neural nets and others. The Research Software Engineer will work on training high speed video object detection models like SSD, Faster RCNNs. S/he will develop various aggregation and data modeling pipelines built atop modern graph databases (Neo4j) and key val stores (RocksDB). Furthermore, the Research Software Engineer will work on more classical approaches building shot/scene detectors, OCR pipelines leveraging some modern detector implementations.

Other specific duties include the following:

  • Participate in the development real-time video and data analysis pipelines to handle large amounts of data, such as social media streams, online articles, and images and video content;
  • Lead the development, design, and deployment of new multimodal machine learning algorithms with areas of development in video classification, video retrieval, text detection and recognition, and person/entity recognition;
  • Work closely with business development and product design teams to ensure that the technical design and aspects of the system meet business and product needs;
  • Compute systems and interfaces built and maintained on Amazon Web Services;
  • Contribute and deploy source code using git as a version control system;
  • Obtain and maintain a deep understanding of python, tensorflow, numpy and other elements of the python scientific stack to implement machine learning models;
  • Store and develop information into the Vidrovr Database schema; and
  • Help set processes in place for code review, deployment procedures, and other engineering-related procedures.

The Research Software Engineer must have, at a minimum, a Master’s degree in Engineering and two years’ experience working in a systems or networks focused technical engineering role. Email resume to