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Automatic discovery of video content

Metadata API

Send your videos directly to our platform and retrieve time-stamped metadata content that makes your videos hyper searchable.

Clip Generator

Generate social media ready and embeddable smaller clips of video content, and integrate it directly back into your content management system.

Seamless search for everyone

Editor Search

Seamlessly search and find the perfect video clip for your post. Adding a relevant piece of video content is now a piece of cake.

Consumer Search

Allow your audience to search through your video archives and real-time video, all using your current infrastructure and video player.

Integrates with

Product Package Features

Discovery Discovery & Search Enterprise
Vidrovr Metadata API
Vidrovr Metadata Admin Console
Vidrovr Clip Generator
File-Based Video Processing
Brightcove Integration
JW Player Integration
Vidrovr Editor Search
Vidrovr Consumer Search
Custom Integrations
Stream-Based Video Processing
Private Cloud Solution
Custom Ontology Development
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