Digital Asset Management

We live in a digital world, and improving efficiencies and actively using all of the digital content available to a company is over paramount importance. Today, every company is a video company. Video is now used to promote your brand, train your employees, sell your products, and recruit potential workers. Video is ubiquitous, but it’s expensive to create and maintain. Understanding your video library and using it effectively requires best-in-class metadata and intelligent search. Today, Vidrovr is integrated in Digital Asset Management systems to improve their search and understanding capabilities, to provide efficiency and create new features that aren’t possible without Vidrovr-enabled metadata.

Automated Tagging

Your videos are only valuable if they are properly annotated and you can find them when you need them. However, manually annotating your content is time-consuming, difficult, and requires tons of training for your staff. In short, most companies can’t spend the resources to do it well, thankfully with the Vidrovr platform you’re able to offset all of this work to our automated proprietary algorithms. This creates large scale efficiencies, allowing your employees to accomplish more and do what they do best, their jobs, instead of tagging video.

Vidrovr understands that one ontology or taxonomy doesn’t work for every type of business or customer. To counteract this we work directly with each customer to learn from their video data what type of information is more important to them. You’re business deserves custom treatment, the Vidrovr system makes that possible.

Filtering and Search

Metadata is great, but by itself it’s not super valuable. That’s why Vidrovr pairs our metadata engine with a industry leading search and filtering system. Powered by an intelligent knowledge graph, Vidrovr can recommend the perfect video for any use case, and then recommend related videos that might be useful as well. Never waste valuable time going through all of your videos to find what you are looking for, with Vidrovr search those videos are right at your fingertips.