Government & Security

There is more video content being created now than ever before, and it’s simply impossible for people to go through and manually analyze all of the content that is being generated. Companies and institutions need a solution that allows them to effectively monitor mentions or relevant topics across a variety of mediums including social content, television, and other live streams. Vidrovr’s proprietary technology allows companies uncover the most important pieces of information and place them within analysts hands to make smart and impactful decisions.


Using Vidrovr’s multimodal understanding engine, users can create custom detectors for visual concepts, topics, hashtags, or mentions across a variety of social (Twitter, Instagram) and video live streams. Vidrovr then uncovers the section of videos that match a specified criteria, and automatically clips out those sections of video for inspection. After that a company analyst can determine what actions to take based on the detailed information provided from Vidrovr, and the raw video. Not only can Vidrovr provide examples of video that are triggered, but Vidrovr also provides an analytics solution that can determine how frequently a concept is mentioned or appears. Using these two technologies together companies and institutions can monitor and analyze more content than ever before possible.


Disinformation campaigns are becoming prevalent across a variety of industries, and are having immense negative effects on the trust in our institutions and corporations. The most effective way to fight disinformation is by attacking it at its source, and finding the posts, comments, and video feeds that most spread this misinformation. Today, institutions and companies are using Vidrovr to sort and find offending information, and then take the appropriate actions to take them down.