Higher Education

People learn from video today. With more of today’s educational infrastructure being video-based it’s important to make the information inside those videos available. Students. universities, and e-learning providers use Vidrovr to extract the information from slide shows, classroom lectures, and presentations to make the information available to their students. Through integrations with some of the leading LMS solutions like Blackboard and Kaltura, Vidrovr is powering the next generation of smart education systems.

Chaptering Lectures

We’ve all been there, thinking back to an hour long lecture and looking through our notes desperately trying to find where that concept we don't quite understand was talked about. With Vidrovr chaptering e-learning websites and universities are able to automatically chapter their lectures, presentations, and professional development content making it easy to navigate for students or employees. Vidrovr uses the detailed metadata that it extracts from the raw video content including audio, on-screen text (great for analyzing slides), and visuals to automatically separate a longer format video into smaller topics that can then be easily digested. Imagine being able to quickly shuffle between Fast Fourier Transforms, Discrete Fourier Transforms, and the Cooley-Tukey Algorithm sections of that boring 3 hour lecture.

Education-Specific Search

Building on our chaptering functionality we also allow employees and students to search through a massive archive of content to find what they are looking for. Countless hours of productivity are lost within companies when people are searching for a piece of information that they just can't seem to find but know it's there. This is exacerbated every more heavily in video, where enterprises typically have a difficult time tagging the content for search. Vidrovr solves that problem by providing search interfaces and indexes that leverage our proprietary metadata to find the perfect section of video for any search query. Today, companies are using Vidrovr to uncover important sections of video, and surface them right when people are looking for them.