Media & Entertainment

To maximize the potential of your video assets it’s important to first understand what’s inside them. Vidrovr automatically "tags" all of your videos with who's appearing, what's appearing, and what people are talking about, giving you granular useful metadata. Whether your editors or website users are searching for an archived video related to an recent event or creating a unique viewing experience for OTT, they’ll be able to find what they need in seconds.

Scale Video Infrastructures

Creating and publishing video content is hard work. Media companies need all the help that they can get publishing the right piece of content at the right time and getting it in front of the right person. Our real-time video processing engine can quickly make any piece of video in your live stream video or archives searchable and tag it with granular metadata. That metadata helps to make those videos a first-class citizen in all of your infrastructure. It’s readily available to your website editors through their publishing interface, accessible by your video creators, and available to your viewers and readers.

Vidrovr uses proprietary video understanding technology to detail what’s appearing at every instance of the video. Using our technology we chop the video up into coherent sections and then label who is appearing (famous and non-famous people), over 12,000+ visual concepts, text on-screen, and 14,000+ social media hashtags. Each of these pieces of metadata are intricately linked together through our knowledge graph, allowing Vidrovr to build best in class search and recommendation tools that can use the relationship between each of these core pieces of metadata to improve video viewing and monetization.

Improve Editorial Workflows

While we at Vidrovr believe video is the most important medium for disseminating information, we also know it’s an unwieldy medium. Storing it, finding it, and publishing it is a ton of work that takes multiple products and solutions and complicated workflow. That’s why Vidrovr has developed three publisher tools, the Vidrovr Clip Generator, Recommender, and Editor Search to make it easier to publish your video content. Today major broadcasters are using our Clip Generator tool, to take their live stream video content, and clip them up into digital-ready short clips to quickly monetize their linear television channels across their digital channels. Using our Recommender, major digital publishers are automatically linking the most relevant video from their video libraries as they type an article directly in their publication platform. Finally, when an editor needs to dive deep into their archive to find the perfect video to publish on social media or on their website, the Vidrovr Editor search solution powers that. Each of these products seamlessly work with your own existing video and publication infrastructure, so launching is a snap.