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Our Team

Vidrovr was built on years of experience developing state-of-the-art video understanding solutions.
We’re passionate about making your premium video content findable by the world.

Joe Ellis


Joe is a PhD candidate at Columbia University working on video searching and indexing. He has published research in the areas of multimodal information processing, computer vision and machine learning. He has worked at Google, IBM Research, and MITRE.

Dan Morozoff


Dan is a PhD candidate at Columbia University working on machine learning applied to neuroscience. He has published research in computational physics, computer multimedia. He has worked at NASA, and HHMI Janelia.

Connor O’Day

Head of business development

Connor holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Richmond. He has previously worked at Fortress Investment Group, CRT Capital Group LLC, and JP Morgan.

Prof. Shih-Fu Chang

Technical advisor

Shih-Fu Chang is a professor School of Engineering and at Columbia University. His research focuses on multimedia information retrieval, computer vision, and machine learning with a goal to develop intelligent systems that harness information from massive visual data.