Search Intelligence For Video

Vidrovr uses machine learning and computer vision to make video more discoverable

Gather Granular Metadata

Using machine learning and computer vision, Vidrovr watches and granularly mines the content of your videos based on visual recognition, text on screen, activity, and audio. All of this metadata can be integrated into your tech stack, or it can be searched via standalone solutions for consumers on the front-end and editors on the backend.

Find the Right Video Content

Enhance your existing search functionality to make your video content more discoverable. On the backend, our technology recommends the most relevant clips for articles and social posts and helps editors proactively find the most relevant clips. We also offer front-end search solutions which help site visitors find exactly what they’re looking for.

Integrate into Your Tech Stack

Vidrovr can serve as a standalone solution, or you can integrate metadata that we gather into your video CMS or other systems. We offer integrations with tools like Brightcove, JWPlayer, AWS S3.


Video Recommender

Automatically embed relevant video into articles & social conversations to generate additional ad revenue.

Editorial Search

Writers, editors and producers can use our search functionality to populate video modules across site pages with relevant content. Our technology splices content into smaller segments, reducing the manual workload on teams.

Whitelabel Search

Broadcasters and media companies can complement their existing sites’ search functionality with our content modules, which include clip thumbnails, related tags and categorized results. We offer a full template as well as the ability to pick and choose the individual modules that meet your needs.

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