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White Label Search

Vidrorvr offers both a complete white label search solution and customizable search components, enabling robust content discovery across your video library.

Editor Search Tools

We make your videos searchable to help writers and editors discover the most relevant content using our intelligent search and recommendation system.

Clip Generator

Our clip generator takes your long form videos and quickly splices them into easily digestible segments.

Metadata API

Vidrovr watches your videos, generating granular metadata that can be integrated anywhere in your tech stack.


Vidrovr Product: White Label Search

White Label Search

Vidrovr empowers your audience to find relevant video content quickly and easily.

Your users know what they want. With White Label Search, if a user searches for the latest on the California wildfires, they'll be taken to the exact moment the fires are mention on screen. This direct access increases engagement, driving your users to the content they're actually interested in.

Our tools help your audience dive deeper, meaning they stay longer on your site and stay engaged the entire time. We offer both a full search solution as well as customizable components, ensuring that White Label Search will fit into any existing website.

Vidrovr Product: Editor Search Tools

Editor Search Tools

Empower your team to do more in less time. Writers, editors, and producers can benefit from both our Backend Search and Video Recommender.

We help editors and producers uncover the video content they need for their latest project with a friendly, intuitive search interface. Writers can also find the perfect video for each article just by posting its content into our Recommender Tool. With one click, they can embed the most relevant video and seamlessly push the article to production.

Vidrovr gives your content creators the power to monetize your content, increasing audience engagement and retention, while synergizing monetization across your entire website.

Vidrovr Product: Clip Generator

Clip Generator

Who doesn’t want to produce more in less time? Vidrovr’s Clip Generator divides your videos into digital shorts. With the Clip Generator, broadcasters and digital publishers see a 300% lift in clip production.

You can easily feed our recommended clips into your CMS, helping you cast a wider and deeper net to capture your target audience.

Vidrovr Product: metadata API

Metadata API

Vidrovr’s API allows your organization to harness the power of our entire suite of services, enabling your teams to build custom features, products, and applications that match your exact business needs. If you want to build it, we can provide the data.

Learn more about the Vidrovr Metadata API.

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