Beyond Metadata

Perfecting Video Discovery

Vidrovr Product: White Label Search

Understand & Search

Video Intelligence Made Simple

Learn the who, what, when, and where in your content library.

With the ability to recognize over 12,000 visual topics, 15,000 notable people, 10,000 social media hashtags, and the ability to train custom recognition models, Vidrovr can understand your videos like a human.

On top of our industry-standard analysis, we provide search tools that are dead simple to customize and integrate into your existing platform.

Repurpose & Recommend

Workflows That Work

Scale your productivity without needed to increase production.

Vidrovr's automatic clip generation trims the fat off your videos, giving you the exact content your users want.

When you're ready to go live, your editors can use our intuitive insertion tools to deliver the right video to the right place—even directly to social media.

Vidrovr Product: Editor Search Tools
Vidrovr Product: Clip Generator

Analyze & Strategize

Analytics for the Video Age

Detailed measurements and advanced analysis—all designed to help you find new users and retain the ones you already have.

Know the content people want, and whether or not they're getting it. See your users desires down to the metadata level, and know what content you need to be producing.

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